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"Our" games are ideas of "our" authors that became concrete products, edited and distributed by "our" editors.
Some of these games have become international hits, some others had an alternating commercial luck.
We grew fond of each one of them.
Ennio Peres
Promotional word/memory game for 2 or more people, realized for Glexa, in which one has to compose words with the letters as they are discovered on the table.
Alex Randolph
A mad race! You have to slither until the arrival line, but don't choose the same number of steps of your opponent, otherwise you will keep still. A lovely game.
Leo Colovini
Promotional card game created for VIZUBI. The rules are extremely simple. You have to be fast and need to have good eyes.
Alex Zucchini
Starting from now, the sheep can safeguard their fleece. The best (and the luckiest) will stay warm, who will be wrong will remain without the coat. A humoristic game, where players have to bet on the right sheep. Wool rules!
Alex Zucchini
The players take on the role of a Viking chief with his own fleet to conquer and assault new land. This also means conflict among players because, after all, only the boldest Vikings deserve a place in Valhalla.
Federico Colovini, Leo Colovini
It's a Wikinder evolution featuring the little robot from the famous movie. The more you load ware, the slower you are. Moreover, you have to conquer the heart of the little female robot, Eva.
Leo Colovini
One of the main successful games by Colovini, inspired by the leggendary escape of a group of pirates from the Cartagena's fortress. Here in a new polish edition.
Federico Colovini, Leo Colovini
You have to collect and transport some barrels among the islands of the viking archipelago. The more you load the drakkar, the more the coloured cubes could slow you down, and opponents could overstep you.
Leo Colovini, Alessandra Nove Veronesi
It's the new edition of the game Savana, with a different setting and new graphics. Weaker but bigger viking bands could beat the stronger ones.
Leo Colovini
A trick-taking game in which the trump can be changed by players in value and suit. One has to try to control the Witches Wheel as long as possible and capture as many whitches as he can. Whoever collected the Most Magic Points wins the game.
Alex Randolph
Warm up! is a new edition of the game Vermi, in memory of its author. You have to slither until the finish line, but you shouldn't choose the same number of steps of your opponent, otherwise you won't move forward!
Alex Randolph
A battle between different kinds of "bluff". You have to reach the ring... but if your opponent understands which playing piece you are using, he cries out "Xe queo"! and you loose everything.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli
A new version of the game Dummy: the packaging is different but the cards are the same, forming on the table the rows to collect.
Carlo A. Rossi
The sorcerers paint secret images! They take turns guessing what is being painted. The fastest and most imaginative apprentice will be the first one to guess the picture correctly.
Carlo A. Rossi
Get the animals on the raft and try to make space for everyone. There could be a space for one more hen... before Eddi the little elephant falls into the water!
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