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"Our" games are ideas of "our" authors that became concrete products, edited and distributed by "our" editors.
Some of these games have become international hits, some others had an alternating commercial luck.
We grew fond of each one of them.
Carlo A. Rossi
A bit party, a bit cooperative, surely interactive. It seems easy to name an object... but how to describe it best if there are many very similar versions of it on the table?
Leo Colovini
Which will be the best detectives and unmask the imposter? ‘Sherlock’, based on a Dutch TV Program, is a mix
of perception, analysis, intuition, deduction and, above all, common sense.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli
A card game realized for the book series for children "Battello a Vapore" (Piemme edizioni). Investigate with your friends the mysteorius cases as your favourite characters do!
Leo Colovini, Fabio Visintin
The characters of many fairy tales live in the enchanted never ending wood drawn by Fabio Visintin. You need eye to discover the biggest number of them among the trees.
Alex Randolph
It's a puzzle attached to the Unicopli Games Catalogue 1998/99: the red tiles have to go down and the blue ones have to go up... Until an upside down position forms.
Gaetano Evola, Rosanna Leocata
All the mice run on a big piece of cheese: once the route is shared, anything could happen.
Leo Colovini, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello
It is inspired by Hector und Achill, but it's possible to play in 3 or 4 players and the game mechanisms are simpler. To win the battles you have to position the biggest number of heroes of the animated serie "The clones war".
Leo Colovini, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello
"The clone wars" animated series. You fight to conquer planets and characters, playing the correct cards. Everything is necessary to award the Galaxy Capital.
Leo Colovini
You have to collect wonderful treasures under the sea: a perfect agreement between the bathyscaphe and the main ship is necessary in order to reach the right depth at the right time.
Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini, Dario Zaccariotto
A real and original competitive game based on the mechanisms of the game that conquered the world. It is for many players or for only one. It's also possible to use it to solve normal sudoku puzzles.
Leo Colovini
Players do not take turns in this game: everyone can discard a card or draw a card whenever he wants: the quicker you are the better!
Rosanna Leocata, Gaetano Evola
The development strategy meets the survivor tatics. Each pioneer's mission is to claim as much of the new world as possible, placing the borders stones and moving the pawns in the most clever way.
Carlo A. Rossi
The Mysterious Forest is a cooperative memory game inspired by Daniel Lieske's graphic novel, The Wormworld Saga.
Alex Randolph
A game of placing among the maze of the venetian canals: all the tiles placed should form a unique circuit and players have to close it. It would be fatal mistake not to be able to close it.
Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini
This game has been realized for Roche, in order to promote their new information system SAP.
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