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"Our" games are ideas of "our" authors that became concrete products, edited and distributed by "our" editors.
Some of these games have become international hits, some others had an alternating commercial luck.
We grew fond of each one of them.
Leo Colovini
On one side the Mongolians, on the other side Chinese and, in between , the Great Wall. Players will build it up during the game, optimizing scoring and bluffing, and it will be different for every new match.
Mario Papini
Players make their offers for the fish unloaded at daybreak; there are lively negotiations to catch the fish considered the best ... without risking that it goes bad.
Alex Zucchini
The players take on the role of a Viking chief with his own fleet to conquer and assault new land. This also means conflict among players because, after all, only the boldest Vikings deserve a place in Valhalla.
Leo Colovini, Alessandro Saragosa
Players secretely influence the counselors of Emperor Justinian. An ingenious system of windows makes the values of counselors appear in their rising up and down, being more or less the favourite ones.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto
The mechanism is the same of the game Kakuro, but realized in a bigger box with a real game board. A competitive game based on the mechanisms of the Kakuro puzzle.
Dario De Toffoli
The game is "Buon Compleanno!" in a new packaging but with the same illustrations. A joyful and fast card game for children in which all the animals have to go to the right birthday party.
Carlo A. Rossi
The fight is between a group of scientists, always searching for bodies to section, and police. In order to win you have to play the right cards on the tombs of the London Cemetery, but the more you play the cards, the less you will score.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto
This is a unique box including the two games Challenge Sudoku and Kakuro Challenge. The board game is double sided and the content is the sum of the original components.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli
As a new edition of the game Nebraska, Mango Tango revises the graphic lay-out, the rules and scores that players can obtain combining the 9 suites cards. The result is a really "lighter" version of the game.
Leo Colovini
A sophisticated board game where players, using intriguing scoring mechanisms, try to make good use of the passage of the wagon trains of settlers in the 18th Century United States of America.
Leo Colovini, Dario Zaccariotto, Dario De Toffoli
The mechanism is the same of the game Sudoku, but in a bigger box with a real game board. A competitive game based on the mechanism of the puzzle that conquered the world.
Alex Zucchini
Italy, 1628: the wealthy families of Lucca compete in creating the most refined palaces and reinforcing the city walls. This is a card game for master builders!
Leo Colovini
A holiday card game. A romantic walk in Venice or a wild night in Mykonos? A trip to an amusement park or...? Each destination will be optimized according to the correct group!
Alex Zucchini
You have to establish an empire! Each player leads one of the population that settled around the seven hills of Rome and uses his skill to extend his domain on that crucial areas.
Alessandro Saragosa
It's the same mechanism of König Salomons Schatzkammer but with the most famous Archelogist from the movie, searching incredible richness and magical objects. The possibility to hollow on a game board developed on 4 different levels is very interesting.
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