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"Our" games are ideas of "our" authors that became concrete products, edited and distributed by "our" editors.
Some of these games have become international hits, some others had an alternating commercial luck.
We grew fond of each one of them.
Alessandro Saragosa
Players have to choose the hollow areas of the King Solomons Mines, to collect richness, beeing careful not to be under a curse. The possibility to hollow on a game board developped on 4 different levels is very interesting.
Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini, Dario Zaccariotto
A real and original competitive game based on the mechanisms of the game that conquered the world. It is for many players or for only one. It's also possible to use it to solve normal sudoku puzzles.
Leo Colovini
An original game based on the Carcassonne game concept.
Leo Colovini
You have to collect wonderful treasures under the sea: a perfect agreement between the bathyscaphe and the main ship is necessary in order to reach the right depth at the right time.
Rosanna Leocata, Gaetano Evola
The development strategy meets the survivor tatics. Each pioneer's mission is to claim as much of the new world as possible, placing the borders stones and moving the pawns in the most clever way.
Leo Colovini, Stefano Cavanè
In this evolution of Quicksand, the goal of the game is to reach the Parliament with a captivating race among honest and dishonest people in Italy.
Alex Randolph, Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Renato de Rosa
A team of authors, a special wooden game board in which discs can disappear, a funny abstract game.
Leo Colovini
Players do not take turns in this game: everyone can discard a card or draw a card whenever he wants: the quicker you are the better!
Leo Colovini
Druids create enchanted amulets in some mystic places. The problem is to catch them: the later you play, the bigger loot you may have.
Leo Colovini, Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer, Frank Nestel, Alex Randolph
The "PlayStation" version of five boardgames by five important game authors: Geister (Randolph), Midnight party (Kramer), Ursuppe (Nestel), Cartagena (Colovini), Zirkus Flohcati (Knizia).
Leo Colovini
A game created for the exhibition "Concreta utopia - Lelio Basso e il progetto di una democrazia globale" at the Casanatense library of Rome.
Gaetano Evola, Rosanna Leocata
All the mice run on a big piece of cheese: once the route is shared, anything could happen.
Leo Colovini, Alex Randolph
A new edition of Mini Inkognito, the card game of the well known Inkognito. Both the composition and the graphics of the cards are changed, but there is still the setting of the Venetian Carnival.
Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini
The new edition of the game Dummy, revised both on the packaging and on the graphic arts: players play a maximum of three cards to catch the rows as they form on the table, before the opponents do the same.
Francesco e Luisa Cognetti, Leo Colovini
It's the same mechanism of Collection but with a culinary setting. You have to collect the correct ingredients for the 5 recipes: the more you collect, the tastier the minestrone will be.
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