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The books that we of studiogiochi wrote, alone ore together with a playmate.
Dario De Toffoli
A new edition about Backgammon, with more details, by the same author. It also contains some basic technique elements.
Dario De Toffoli
The complete rules and strategies. It's the first italian book about modern poker: many italian players, some of them already champions, started out by reading these pages.
Leo Colovini
It is a guide for aspirant game authors. It includes an essay about the meaning of the game by Alex Randolph.
Dario De Toffoli
Details, techniques, digressions about the crossword puzzle, the most popular game in the world. Many special games to be solved are included.
Dario Zaccariotto
Brainteasers to keep your brain in good shape. Logical schemes with apparently not enough information ... but the solution is just around the corner.
Dario De Toffoli
With a historical note by Sebastiano Izzo. The complete encoding of the card game "Pinnacolo" (Pinnacle), together with "Scala quaranta" and "Ramino" (Rummy).
Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto
The international, the italian ... and many other versions of draughts. The rules for all the different ways of playing the game, some of them actually more interesting than our italian version.
Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto, Michele Comerci, Claudio Borgnino
The introduction to the classic puzzles for schools, supported by the Ministry of Public Education.
Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto
Supplement to the Catalogue Unicopli 2000.
Dario Zaccariotto
Look for the hidden words! 47 games to be played. An interesting and easy game, presented through classic schemes, but also in very peculiar ways.
Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto
Some mysterious tales with logical, numerical, deductive problems, with a narrator that talks to the reader in first person.
Dario De Toffoli
The complete rules about the game and some basic technique elements. Drawn on "Giocare a Backgammon", by the same author.
Sebastiano Izzo
The complete rules, explained in a very simple way, to play chess. It also contains the rules for japanese chess (Shogi) and chinese chess (Xing - Qi).
Dario De Toffoli
It's the first book about Backgammon written by an italian author and the first book in the world that analizes in detail the thousand-years old history of this game.
Dario De Toffoli
Realization of some sections for the 6th volume of the Casamia encyclopaedia.
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