Ero un Leoncino di Mompracem...

Unicopli, Viterbo, 1999
pp. 64

Published together with Stampa Alternativa 

It's a collection of problems published throughout the years on the newspaper La Stampa.

68 catchy stories set in the most different situations, one time among the malasyan lions, another time around the hexagonal table of King Arthur, and so on.
These little stories present to the reader small logical, numerical, mathematical problems: a real gym that helps you to mantain in good shape your brain!
The tales are gathered together
in different chapters dipending on their setting; every chapter has a different level of difficulty, so that from 1 to 10 the problems get each time a little harder. There are of course all the solutions with the explanations.
1999, Unicopli, Ero un leoncino di Mompracem
2009, RBA Italia, Eravamo 5 amici al bar...ed Ero un leoncino di Mompracem