Eravamo 5 amici al bar…

Unicopli, Viterbo, 2000
pp. 64

Published together with Stampa Alternativa 

It's a collection of problems published throughout the years on the newspaper La Stampa.

Set in the most different situations, 42 challenges are presented to be solved.
Each time one may think that there is no solution and that the authors didn't give enough informations in order to reach the solution; but slowly the plot becomes clear and each information ends up in the right place, until everything is settled.
These problems are to be solved on rectangular grids (not triangular) with big spaces in which one can write all his guesses before getting to the final solution.

2000, Unicopli, Eravamo 5 amici al bar...
2009, RBA Italia, Eravamo 5 amici al bar...ed Ero un leoncino di Mompracem