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MB, 1988

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(Spies Carnival in Venice) is a board game for 3-4 players by Leo Colovini and Alex Randolph. It was published in 1988 by MB and immediately  had a great success. When you play Inkognito you will become one of the 4 famous secret agents, walking along the streets of Venice, looking for top-secret information. The peculiarity of the game is that you play in couple, but you do not know which player is your partner (this idea came out from the Briscola Chiamata, a famous variation of Briscola, a regional italian card game, where players do not know whom they are playing with. Players move their pawns on the wonderful game board designed by Tapiro, a venitian architects office, trying to meet the opponents' pawns, especially the ambassador.  Every meeting will grant an answer, part of it is correct, part it is false. Making comparisons with all the answers will allow you to find the truth among the false and to collect the information you need to win the game, that is the identity of the other players, who is your partner, and which one of the pawns of the other players is the "real" one. One of the main worth of the game is the atmosphere of mistery and tension during the Venitian Carnival.
Today a new edition from Winning Moves is available (Venice Connection for Italy) almost similar to the original one. Venice Connection has produced also Mini-Inkognito, a card game reproducing the deduction mechanism of the original game, with place cards instead of movements on the board. Players have to compose the telephone number of the "big old man" (one of the 24 possible combination was really the telephone number of Venice Connection!).

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board inkognito

Inkognito's board

Alex Randolph talks about Inkognito

1988, MB, Inkognito - Carnevale di spie a Venezia
1988, MB, Intrigues a Venise
1988, MB, Inkognito - Agenttreff in Venedig
Originale edition.
2001, Winning Moves, Inkognito
New Winning Moves edition.
2001, Venice Connection, Inkognito
Italian version of the Winning Moves edition.
2004, Paperiyagi, Inkognito
Korean version of the Winning Moves edition.