Stefano Cavanè

Graphic Designer "specialized" in the first course of Designer Toys & Games held in Milan in 1997/98, Stephen Cavanè enters the world of wargaming as a sculptor of miniatures.
Then, in 2003,
Quicksand, his first game.
Several collaborations follow, including the development of some promotional games for the Group Preziosi.
"One day, I was very young, visiting two of my cousins, I saw something amazing: a few boxes with many coloured objects inside, that had the power to fascinate, engage, entertain and gather around a table everybody... I thought they were the most wonderful thing in the world!
Since no one would ever play with me ... I spent my time building and inventing games, sooner or later I would have created one that would have involved everybody... at least this was my dream! "
And it's a dream coming true.

Games (with studiogiochi)