Dario De Toffoli

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Lega Poker April 2016.jpg
April 17 2016 - ISOP (Italian Series Of Poker) 2015-2016 ddt wins the 6-max in Nova Gorica

Born in Venice in 1953, Dario De Toffoli met the world of games in the beginning of the 80's: this fact changed his life.
Gradually he left his previous profession as a chemist and begun to work on every aspect (competitive, technical and cultural) of games.
Board games, card games, puzzles, brainteasers, mathematical games...
Thanks to this new interest, in 1987 he founded studiogiochi, a company that works on
the collaborations and the consultancies with newspapers and editors
the creation of new board games
the organization of game events

Dario De Toffoli:
writes books
creates games
wins tournaments
is consultant for firms and companies
directs international championships of various games
is the major italian expert of backgammon
is the major italian divulger for poker
has been decorated from the PLDA with a special Career Prize "Ludic personality"

Some of De Toffoli's competition results
World Champion
2002 and 2012 of Pentamid (combination of 5 ludic disciplines at the Mind Sports Olympiad).

Pentamind champion 2002.jpg

Olympic Champion of Rummikub, Number Quest, Master Mind, Poker, The Settler of Catan, Contiamo and other games.


Vice European Champion of Intergame (combination of 4 new board games).
Champion of Mancala, Twixt and other games.
Three times Player of the year in Italy.
Winner of many different prizes in Backgammon, Scrabble
and other games.

Some events, concieved, organized and directed by De Toffoli:
The International Backgammon Tournament City of Venice  begun in year 1989,and took place at the Casino of Venice up to its XX edition. De Toffoli also organized the Backgammon Olympiad.
Premio Archimede. Has come by now to its X Edition: this competition promotes the creation of new games in Italy, giving to the many partecipants the chance to have essential experiences.
Italian Festival for games. In the 90's it was the greatest italian fair for games, with editions in Venice, Gradara, Marina di Carrara, Urbino and Cagli, that had hundreds of events in their programs.
Mind Sports Festival - Player of the year. It is a competition in which the most eclectic italian players take part: they compete for 2-3 days in different disciplines. It begun in 1994, and came to its X edition.

3 Festival Italiano dei Giochi (1992).jpg

During the 3rd Festival Italiano dei Giochi (1992)

IV Festival 1993.jpg

During the 4th Festival Italiano dei Giochi (1993)

Archimede 08.jpg

During Premio Archimede 2008


During City of Venice 2008